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When looking to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth, Look for one with over 100,000 Teeth Removed!

How To Choose A Wisdom Tooth Doctor: 3 Tips

It can be difficult to choose the right doctor to perform your wisdom teeth removal. Here are some tips to select the right one for you.

Teenagers and Wisdom Teeth Removal

When to remove wisdom teeth? Why should teenagers have their wisdom teeth removed? It is a simpler procedure for younger people versus older adults for several reasons. First, there isn’t a concern with roots because they haven’t developed yet. This makes the procedure and recovery are much easier, which leads to less complication overall.

We offer non-narcotic medication as an option and when a narcotic is needed

Narcotic or opioid pain medication can be a scary thing for some patients. We offer non-narcotic medication as an option and when a narcotic is needed, we prescribe the lowest dose and amount necessary to keep the patient safe.

What is alveolitis or dry socket?

What is alveolitis or dry socket? When wisdom teeth are removed, part of the bone is left exposed. The body will fill in this area with a clot as it heals, but if the clot is lost, the bone and nerve endings become exposed to water, food, and air which can be very painful. Dry socket is rare, but we are here for you if it is something you experience. We can treat it with a medicated “pillow” to alleviate pain and get you on the road to healing in only a few minutes.

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