For more information on our wisdom teeth offices in Salt Lake City, Layton, Provo, and, Midvale, Utah, watch the videos provided below. Dr. Heath Hendrickson wants to give patients the opportunity to know about wisdom teeth, even from the comfort of their own homes. Learn even more and set up an appointment with our dentist today!

Dr. Heath provides sedation dentistry for each patient who visits our office. Sedation makes your experience much more comfortable and allows you to get your wisdom teeth removed without difficulty.

Wisdom teeth and sedation video


Many people worry about dry socket. At Dr. Heath’s office, you don’t have to. Dry socket is not a common problem, but when it does occur we can resolve the issue in just a couple of minutes and with minimal discomfort to you.

wisdon teeth and dry socket video


Why do we have wisdom teeth? And if we have them, why do we need to have them removed? Find out Dr. Heath’s theory by watching the video below.

Why do we have wisdom teeth video


The teenage years are the ideal time to get wisdom teeth removed. The procedure is much simpler for teenagers and can be performed more easily, with fewer complications and with a better outcome than when adults have their wisdom teeth removed.

Teenagers and wisdom teeth removal video


Dr. Heath is committed to helping you manage your pain. We will discuss pain management options with you beforehand, and we will not prescribe narcotic pain medications unless absolutely necessary. If a narcotic pain medication is prescribed we will ensure that it is the smallest possible dosage. Our highest priority is your safety.

wisdom teeth removal and pain management video


Read our reviews to find out about the quality of care we provide and the experiences our patients have had. Dr. Heath is committed to providing excellent care at a fair and affordable price.

customer testimonial theater video


There are a few things to consider when choosing a wisdom tooth doctor – price, experience and safety. Dr. Heath’s commitment to your oral health, safety and experience have led him to set a fair and affordable price for wisdom tooth removal, and he has removed more than 70,000 wisdom teeth since 2007!

how to choose a wisdom tooth doctor video