Do you live in Cottonwood Heights Utah? Are you or someone in your family needing wisdom teeth removed? Even though we may not be right in your neighborhood, for many of our patients the cost savings make the drive to our office well worth it. Luckily we are not far from Cottonwood Heights. We invite you to consider us for your wisdom teeth extraction! The cost savings is great but you’ll also find that we provide a professional experience that our patients have appreciated. See our reviews!

Take a look at our website to learn more about how we keep you safe and comfortable during your wisdom tooth procedure. Wisdom tooth surgery We hope to see you and other’s from Cottonwood Heights in our office soon. Give us a call to get a quote.

Do you questions like: Does everyone have 4 wisdom teeth? Why do we have third molars if we just remove them? When is the best time to remove the wisdom teeth? Take a look at our FAQ section on our website:

Commonly Asked Questions about Wisdom Teeth and Wisdom Teeth Removal