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Lon E.
Lon E.
17:39 24 Feb 23
We have traveled from East Idaho to Utah for two of our kids to have their wisdom teeth removed over the past few years because Dr. Hendrickson has done such a great job. Not only is he very competent, but his staff is very professional and his pricing is unbeatable. In addition, our insurance ended up paying more than was originally expected so they sent us a refund check for the difference unbeknownst to us that it was coming. Honesty + integrity! Thank you Doctor Hendrickson and staff for a great job.
Autumn Cook
Autumn Cook
15:46 30 Dec 22
I've taken two of my children here to have their wisdom teeth removed. They give clear, thorough instructions about how to provide care post-surgery, and the surgery itself is very quick and efficient. My second child was in and out in literally 15 minutes. I appreciate that they're under anesthesia for as little time as possible.In addition, the cost is very affordable (for surgery) and they are very clear and up front about the cost. You aren't left wondering if you'll get an unexpected bill for hundreds of dollars three months down the road. Altogether a very professional but still warm and friendly office. Thanks!
Anabella Shell
Anabella Shell
20:23 21 Nov 22
Absolutely incredible place. My husband had 2 of his teeth removed here and I have had 7. The care is above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend this place enough. The after care instructions are clear and they have after hours help. If you need any teeth removed I would go here. I am terrified of the dentist and have been for a while. They make me feel comfortable and take the time to answer any questions I have.
Miranda Olson
Miranda Olson
16:19 08 Nov 22
I was so nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed, but all the staff was very comforting and kind. I remember nothing from the surgery itself! The doctor was very gentle, and I had very minimal swelling. He even called to check up on me the day after the surgery.
Jenn Larsen
Jenn Larsen
01:18 08 Aug 22
Our son-in-law had his wisdom teeth removed a little over a year ago. He had just injured his back and neck with a football injury, but he was also in extreme pain with his wisdom teeth. They took such good care of him. So when our youngest daughter needed her wisdom teeth out, we knew that we would take her to Dr. Wisdom Teeth. Their office staff, from setting up the procedure to checking us on the day of her teeth removal, have been professional and kind. We highly recommend Dr. Wisdom Teeth.
Dayna Jolley
Dayna Jolley
11:04 01 Jul 22
Best experience from start to finish. This office provides quality services and friendly staff. It was quick and my daughter didn’t swell or have any pain. I definitely will recommend everyone to come here for wisdom teeth removal. Also knowing how great and caring Dr Hendrickson is personally helps trust him to take care of your kids needs.
Sage Souza
Sage Souza
03:40 29 Jun 22
this place is AWESOME!! I had my wisdom teeth removed at a different place and almost 3 weeks later I was still having a lot of pain and swelling around one of the teeth. I called Wisdom Teeth Only & they told me to come in the next day as early as I wanted. The entire appointment took maybe 10 minutes and was completely free of charge, and for the first time in three weeks I can actually open my mouth to eat. 1000/10 :))
01:20 06 Dec 12
He runs a nice office, provides nice service at a nice price. A routine visit with insurance can still cost you over a $150. Since he does not except most insurances, I would recommend using a different dentist for your child. I was initially recommended by a friend to go to him, but even she found out that having two insurance providers was not enough to cover most routine visits with Dr. Gifford. So if you like surprise expenses with your Dentist then by all means go to him.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the third molars referred to as wisdom teeth?

-According to the Oxford Dictionary, third molars are referred to as wisdom teeth because their common age of eruption is between 17 and 25. Aristotle explained it this way 2500 years ago!

The last teeth to come in man are molars called ‘wisdom-teeth’, which come at the age of twenty years, in the case of both sexes. Cases have been known in women upwards of eighty years old where at the very close of life the wisdom-teeth have come up, causing great pain in their coming; and cases have been known of the like phenomenon in men too. This happens, when it does happen, in the case of people where the wisdom-teeth have not come up in early years.

— Aristotle, The History of Animals

Does everyone have 4 wisdom teeth?

-No, although 4 is the most common number (one in each corner of the mouth); some people have 1, 2 or 3 wisdom teeth and some people don’t have any at all! In rare cases people develop additional teeth in the area of the wisdom teeth call ‘para-molars’ and may have 5 or more!


Why do we have third molars if we just remove them?

-Third molars helped our human ancestors to grind plant tissue during a time when leafy greens were a more important part of our diet. It is thought that the skulls of our ancestors had larger jaws with more room to accommodate more teeth which helped them to chew foliage more efficiently. This was important because humans lack the ability to efficiently digest cellulose, an important part of plant cell walls. Since the advent of agriculture, almost 10,000 years ago, our diets have become softer and include a larger amount of sugar and high energy foods. These diets have resulted in smaller jaws and not enough room for the wisdom teeth. So when they begin to erupt, they are often painful or crooked and do not fit properly in the mouth. Their removal becomes mandatory for a healthy mouth.

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